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God is the father to the fatherless

The story that we share is one of sonship. The majority of the children in our program are orphaned by diseases that could have been easily cured in the states. Poverty left them in desperate situations, either living with one parent or forced to live with another family member due to the death of both mommy and daddy. The comfort that we have gained from the Word of God and preach to each one of the children and parents in the program is that we serve a perfect God who desires to be in relationship with us through Christ. In our sin and brokenness, due to the impact of the fall, we are unable to please God nor atone for our sins.

We believe that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, tearing the veil between man and God and giving us the opportunity to enter into relationship with God. For those who choose to declare Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and recognize our deep need for Him, we become sons and daughters of the Almighty King. We gain a sense of belonging that no earthly mother and father could fulfill, and a right to step into and participate in the Kingdom of God. It is with this understanding that we go out and make disciples, declaring the truth of Christ and extending the grace that He has lavished on us to others. Through Redeemer’s Friend, we make every effort to direct these precious children and families to the God who loves them and cherishes them as His own- knowing that their greatest need is Him.