meet nambintsoa...

Nambintsoa is a 7 year old whose family background we are not sure of. What we do know is know is that when he first entered our program, we saw the effects of poverty in the form of a wound on his foot. There was a big gash on his foot due to an accident that had been stitched back together with a line of dirty wire. Obviously this brought him a lot of pain. Along with the other children, we are hoping to connect him to medical care soon, so that we can make sure that his foot is healing well and that his body is functioning as it should.

Nambintsoa is discouraged and frightened by any discipline. He first joined the program as very shy little boy and has since warmed up and made friends, but we are continuously working to make him feel safe in the classroom and to learn that when he is disciplined that he is still loved. Join us in helping continue to provide for him and show him the love of Christ in a tangible way.