Meet avotra...

Avotra is a 7 year old boy, orphaned at a very young age. He and his 3 brothers live with their grandmother who collects trash around the town for a living. Before we met this family, they were in such a desperate situation that they we were told that when the mother died, they could not afford to bury her so she had to stay in their small shack with her until they could afford to bury her. 

Avotra does not attend our Redeemer's Friend school because he lives to far from us. Instead, we were able to connect him and his brother with the director of another school and make an agreement that if we provide the uniform and his school supplies, that he would be able to go to school for free! 

Supporting Avotra looks a bit different than supporting the kids at our school. We support his family as a whole by providing rice and charcoal, as well as beans and corn to their family to last the whole month. Your support would enable us to continue that. Your support would also assist us in making sure that Avotra continues to have the school supplies that he needs and the medical care to attend school. 

Avotra is a bright boy. He is silly and fun and eager to learn. We asked him if he was excited to go back to school and he said that he was ready! We look forward to seeing how he excels in school and grows in faith.