The Story of Alfred


Meet Alfred

Alfred is the oldest in the program. He has never been to school before and so he is learning how to read and write along with everyone else in the classroom who are much younger than him. He takes an older brother approach and usually helps keep the little ones in order. The teacher gave all of the older kids classroom responsibilities and Alfred happily does his chores every day. Because he is the oldest, he is also the most disciplined. Right now, we are trying to figure out the best way to help him since he should be in high school but has never had the opportunity to go to school before. He needs to learn that basics with the other kids before he can move up. 


We are still trying to figure out Alfred's familial situation. We are not quite sure who he lives with since we have never met his family, but we know that he lives in the same slum situation that the other kids live in. We are currently looking for opportunities for Alfred to be able to leave our school and go to a public school in Madagascar that would allow him to take the necessary tests to be able to get a high school diploma. We will be in search of resources and other people that would be able to assist him in catching him up to high school level. Regardless of where he attends school, Alfred would still be able to be fed daily, provided school supplies and clothing, and have access to any resources that we have available.