meet mahandry....

This is Mahandry. He is a 4 year old boy that, like any 4 year old, has a difficult time focusing in a classroom of mixed ages. Thankfully we are able to feed him breakfast, snack, and lunch daily, as well as teach him the basics of coloring, counting, and whatever else his young mind can fixate on. Since the beginning of our program, he has warmed up to the staff a lot. He loves playing ball and we encourage that to get all of his pent up energy out. He is a little fighter, so we are currently trying to teach him how to deal with his frustration in a kinder way. He and his brother Fanatenana come from a single-parent home where the mother is struggling to provide for her 2 children, as all of the parents are. 

current sponsor 

Mahandry has been sponsored since August by Parris and has since learned a little bit of reading and writing and a whole lot of Jesus. We are thankful for Parris' sponsorship and are excited to connect them further and help build their relatinship.