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How you can partner with us 

make a donation 

Making a donation is easy and can be done quickly and securely directly from this website. Simply click on the "Recurring Donations" or "One Time Donation" button and continue through to the checkout process! If you prefer to pay by check, click here.

Befriend a child 

Meet our children and see how you can make a difference in their lives by your sponsorship! Click the link below to find out more about who they are!! Our goal in your sponsoring a child is to make your experience as personal as possible and give you as many opportunities as possible to know them and be involved in their growth. When you sponsor a child, our team will work hard to keep you updated on his or her progress in school, their home life, and their needs. We want you to feel like a part of their family. We also want our kids to know you!! So be on the lookout for opportunities to share a little about yourself and your faith journey with the child you choose to sponsor. Below you will find descriptions of all the children we currently help, highlighting not only their ages and birthdays, but also the beautiful personalities that radiate within our school.

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