Meet federic...

Federic is a 10 year old boy best known for his smile. You will always see him with a happy face regardless of what is happening at home. He isnt rowdy like the other kids, but when he does break a rule or 2 (which doesn't happen often), all we need to d is look at him and he bursts into giggles. He is sweet and gentle and so happy to be a part of our program and be able to have a full belly.

Federic is one of our older kids and as a staff, we are assessing his academic level and trying to determine our next steps for him and lead him on a path that would best grant him success. It may be the case that we need to find him another school that provides the tests and the structure that the government requires for a diploma. Regardless of where he is learning, food, clothing, and materials will always be given to him, as he would still be a part of our program. Supporting Federic helps us do that.