Meet erika...

Erika is an 8 year old girl who is the sister of another child in our program and comes from a single-mom family. Because of poverty, her mom often engages in drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco, and the latter one has actually become an issue for Erika herself. This is something that we are working on and recognize as a symptom of not having enough affection in the home. We are not only working with Erika to help change behavioral patterns but also are in discussion with the mother about to get her the coping mechanisms that she needs to change some things at home as well. 

Erika is probably what people would call the "class clown". She is constantly joking and pranking to get a reaction out of her classmates. She is hilarious and lovable and very intelligent. She hasn't quite adjusted to the structure of the classroom, but we have hope for her that once we can help her behaviorally, she will thrive. 

Your support brings her the ability to attend a loving, Christ-centered school that would allow for her gain the community and education needed to thrive. She will not only have a happy stomach but a happy heart.